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What Is Your Definition Of Success?


As most of you know by now the podcast journey started June 28th, 2019. When I first started I just wanted to reach out to professionals and ask about their life and career. I wanted to have a coffee with successful individuals, that being face to face or virtually. It is not easy when you have a thousand questions in your mind and want to know what does it really take to overcome obstacles, so I chose to ask my questions and stop torturing myself.

We all run into life situations or career situations that often we do not know what to do, but still we try our best to solve the issue. What if we feel like giving up on solving the issue we are facing with? What if we feel like we are never going to reach out goals? Being an overachiever is not easy, and often you look at your goals and instead of analyzing and breaking down your next step, you overwhelm yourself and get in your own head. I know I am not the only one that does this...

This podcast has taught me so much about myself and about being successful that I even intended to learn. The guest speakers that have joined this journey have been some of the most honest, upfront and down to earth people I have ever met. Not only they talk from their heart but they take their time and try to help others by sharing their life story, their hard times, their obstacles and their milestones. After we cover everything, or should I say as much as time allows us to cover, everyone takes a moment and answers the very last question...WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? I chose this question to be the very last one as I wanted to tap on deeper and see what answers I would get from the guests. The answered so far have been some of the greatest replies I can get. Not only they have help me but they have also helped others to improve their mindset. So far we here at RM Podcast FL has received great feedback.

Often we measure our success and achievements with other people's milestones. And when we do this instead of celebrating these moments we worked so hard on, we put ourselves down by hurting our feelings and start attacking ourselves...unfortunately, we do this without even realizing it. I have done it, you have done it, EVERYONE HAS DONE IT!

It is 6 months now that I am exploring the podcast journey and let me tell you, it has been something I never expected. In 6 months my voice has traveled in 33 countries, countries that don't even use English as their first language ( the podcast is in English).

In US territory my voice has traveled in 34 states... I have psychically been in only 24 of them. My voice has been in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.... Who could have ever thought.... A friend recently even said I have an international influence, and I did not even think of it. At first it sounded funny, but there more I thought of, the better i felt.

So the same friend asked me the other day, Romina what is your definition of success? She start giggling afterwords as this was after a very heart to heart conversation that me and her were having. It took me a while to answer but after some thinking I replied:

"My definition of success is reaching new milestones that were never touched by me before. Success is realizing that today I know more that I knew yesterday. It means that I can put my head in the pillow at nighttime and have no regrets of my decisions during the daytime because I know I did my best and gave the best version of me. I would say I am successful when I have improved my family's life and have helped others without expecting something in return. And when I feel happy and free inside I would say I have reached the definition of success. "

Like I stated earlier, everyone has a different definition of success. This is mine, and nobody told me what success is, I painted the picture of success myself. But, let me ask you this...WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? Not what you family, friends, or your life partner wants from you, what do you want from you? What does success looks like in your eyes. Think about it!



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