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Dating is not easy, especially when dating an entrepreneur. After a lot of interviews and research I wanted to share with everyone some interesting results. Let's analyze together what the entrepreneur would like their partners to know, and what the partner would like their romantic entrepreneur to know.

Entrepreneur's perspective

1) 40 hours a week is a joke

Understand that entrepreneurs are willing to work 60-70 hours/week to reach their vision and meet their goals. They are very creative people and their minds never stop running.

Suggestion: Set a weekly time in their schedule for date nights or activities. If it's not scheduled, it is not happening! Respecting their hustle and investing quality time together is important to grow the romance. Also have monthly check ups, ask each other where you stand and how can this relationship improve. Entrepreneurs are goal focused, and if they need to work harder on something they will do so. Be open and direct with them.

2) Books are a HUGE turn on

Entrepreneurs and TV have nothing in common, unless they are watching a business or self-development TV show. Yes, they will enjoy binge watching Netflix once in a while, as a reward to themselves, but they love spending time learning and improving themselves.

Suggestion: If you read the same book as your entrepreneur partner and do a book study sessions with them. They will love you so much more for this! It is not just the study session, it's the willingness to understand them and relate with them. Join them on their next conference and see how excited they will be! Time is a limited resource and if you too spend it together on a learning experience you will be surprised how much stronger and healthier your relationship will turn.

3) Money get's reinvested

Entrepreneurs reinvest their money back to the business. If you love gifts and your entrepreneur partner is not giving you the fancy gifts you might have gotten from a previous relationship understand they look at money as an investment tool. However, this is temporary, as they will spoil their loved ones once, at the same time, they are just more cautious about their spending. If you are dating a successful entrepreneur this will not be a big issue, but the new hustlers and grinders will be a lot more cautious with their money.

Suggestion: If you want a gift tell your partner and give them options. Entrepreneurs like working towards a goal, and if they know you want it, they will strive to get it for you. Don't play guessing game with them. Budgeting is very important so you need to allow them options.

4) Be supportive and keep the drama away

Business requires them to allow last-minute changes, have high adaptability, stay positive, and be mentally focused on their goals. When their partner doesn't support them or has the constant unnecessary drama things might go south. Entrepreneurs are not willing to invest in a relationship that does not have a growing projectile. To them, that is a bad investment time and a rollercoaster of unnecessary emotions.

Suggestion: Have open communication and understand that they go through a lot of emotions so they will be your biggest supporter, but they also require that support back. Take a penny, give a penny! Drama is unnecessary and not healthy, so when obstacles arise stay focused on solving the problem instead of creating one. Try to be solution-oriented. Be your entrepreneur's biggest cheerleader!

5) Treat the relationship like a business

Understand that entrepreneurs like a challenge and the harder they work on achieving their goals, the more they appreciate the milestones.

Suggestion: Have a couples goals list, create visual boards together, and create a plan. It is healthy to have regular check-up on your relationship and re-strategize if you need to. Yes, it might sound very business like but how else are you both going to be able to grow! All this will build a stronger partnership and allow the relationship to deepen as both of you are working towards common goals.

Partner's perspective

1) Results matter

Partners often get tired of hearing all the amazing ideas and business plans, but to believe you they need to see results. Because entrepreneurs are very creative people they have new ideas pop up nonstop, and if you follow all of them you will be lost running 100 different directions.

Suggestion: Walk your partner through your plan, lay all the cards on the table, and create a goal deadline. If nothing is accomplished and you just follow your creativity your partner will lose trust in your entrepreneurship skills. Allow them to be your accountability partner.

2) Show interest in their hobbies

Create a dual partnership by allowing your partner to also express themselves and enjoy their hobbies with you. Entrepreneurs get lost in their own world and often forget about the other party.

Suggestion: Plan weekly/monthly activities on a rotational system so both of you can enjoy your hobbies together. It will help in building a stronger bond and also understanding each other's emotions better. Put your phone away and "hobby time" means "NO BUSINESS TALK"!

3) Trust them

Often partners feel left out when you don't include them in the business. No, they do not need to know everything about the business, but allow them to know new milestones, great opportunities arising your way, and anything that would be helpful to make them feel a part of your daily life.

Suggestion: Don't share all your business struggles with your partner as they might be a lot sometimes. Share the good parts with them, and maybe some ugly parts (do not scare them away, ease into the ugly parts). Allow them in! It means a lot to them.

4) Show them security and loyalty

Be loyal to your partner just like you are to your business. You need to invest time and energy in your business to be successful right? Well, a fruitful partnership required the same thing.

Suggestion: Partners often get worried that you might find someone better than them, someone, who understands your world more and a go-getter like yourself. Demonstrate them security and loyalty by your actions! Make them feel important!

5) Ask their opinion

Stubbornness is only good for your goals but not when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Suggestion: If a business decision affects both of you make sure to ask for your partners' opinion. They look at things differently and they are not as emotionally attached to the business as you are. Allow them to express their point of view and they might surprise you! Also, your partner will feel appreciated if you took their opinion into consideration and heard their thoughts. All this will help with better and stronger communication.

What do you think of these points? Do you relate to any of them? I would also love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Email me at


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