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As RM Podcast FL graduates we want to welcome Coffee with Romina.

I have said multiple times in the show that I started this podcast to escape my reality and not face my own problems. Without realizing I built myself a much better life and a happier and healthier Romina world.

Countless hours of work have gone behind RM Podcast FL production and marketing but the name was always the simplest podcast name out there. After a lot of consideration, I decided to change the name of the podcast. The platform is built on interviews with professionals of different careers that genuinely share their story of how they overcame career and life obstacles to be where they are today. We walk about their profession and cover educational information where our listeners can learn from it. Soooo it is like grabbing a coffee with a professional, therefore the "Coffee with Romina" is the best fit for the show.

I do want to clarify that no other changes are going to be made to the previous episodes as the domains are functional, and all main links still work. Those being or It actually is quite the opposite as we now added as well. Please note is the main domain and all other domains will take you to that one.

Let's all welcome together the new name and with the podcast new celebrations, as we soon are hitting our 100th episode as well. Remember to tune in every Tuesday to “Coffee with Romina” as we still have the same schedule.


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