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Start With the Basics

John Wooden, or as some other people call him the “Wizard of Westwood”, was an American basketball player and head couch of University of California. Under his couching the team won 10 NCAA national championships in 12 years period as head couch at UCLA, including a breaking record of 7 in a row.

When he first started with UCLA team he sat down the players and tough them how to tie their shoes and put in their socks. At first, they were all confused, but he has a reason, and a very good one.

John wanted to make sure that the players tied their shoes and put on their sucks correctly, so they did not get blisters. He needed them to give their best! And results show, starting from the basics builds you a strong foundation.

It is important we follow the basics, and take things step by step. We learn the job, learn the systems, learn 1+1=2 and then more.


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