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Romina's Live Interview On National TV

April 23rd of 2020 marks a new milestone for RM Podcast FL and Six 7 Radius. Romina Mhametaj, the host of RM Podcast FL and the founder of Six 7 Radius was interviewed live on an national TV.

For months I have been interviewing professionals of different careers and asking them fundamental questions of how to be successful, and on April 23rd 2020 I had the pleasure of sharing my journey on a live interview on an Albanian national TV.

The interview was at 3 AM EST time and 9 AM Albanian time, so needless to say it was a long night for me. During this interview, which is in Albanian of course, I was able to talk about my American journey and my current business. Back in 2009 I moved to US at 17 years old by myself and it was definitely challenging. The first couple of years were not easy but I feel as they were needed for me to build thick skin and grow up.

We also touched base on RM Podcast FL vision and how we can leverage today's technology on improving ourselves. With us being home and having more free times on our hands this is the perfect opportunity to build new skills and come out of quarantine as the 2.0 version of ourselves.

The interview ended with the attitude cycle that I practice all the time to make sure I stay positive no matter the type of situation I am encounter with. Below you can find the video where I explain The Importance Of Positive Attitude.

Use this method to control your emotions, thoughts, and energy to maintain a positive attitude. Let me know how this works for you!

All Best,

Romina Muhametaj



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