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Podcasting 101 with Romina Muhametaj

If you are thinking of launching a podcast or have one already and need to change your strategy this episode is for you!

Episode Highlights:

General Info

- You don’t have to break your bank

  • Choose a comfortable microphone and don’t feel as you have to invest hundreds of dollars in it.

  • Audi editing – you can have it free and download it online.

- You don’t have to know everything to launch

  • Press publishes.

  • Don’t’ overthink it.

- Choose the proper hosting platform that will make auto distribution as easy as possible for you & has great stat analysis (still a developing world) – Apple Podcast is better than other podcasting platform to help on analysis. A tip – Europe and South America use Spotify a lot more than Apple Podcast.

  • Podcast apps.

  • Social media.

- Focus on content quality vs. audio quality:

  • Content is important

  • Don’t stop the content creation.

- Schedule your episodes:

  • Important to be successful.

  • If you miss an episode apologize on the following episode you missed a week or somehow make an announcement about it.

- Every download episode counts – consistency is key.

Type of podcasting


  • Self-discipline is important.

  • Touch current topics or topics that people have a hard time talking about.

  • Stay true to yourself on what you say on the podcast.

With co-host

  • Make sure you and your host align.

  • Have an agreement and clear responsibilities for each party.

  • Treat it like a business and be flexible and have open communication.

Interviewing style

  • Leverage LinkedIn for connections.

  • Have an introduction call with the speaker guest to make sure you know each other better, clear the topic about the episode, see if they are a great fit for the episode and cover important information with them regarding the show.

  • Have the speaker guests sign an agreement and give permission to be recorded (pic below).

  • Ask the guest to give you a one-page bio, headshot, some podcast episode links of their interviews, books, or articles they have written.

  • Give them 3-4 of your podcast episodes (maybe your favorite episodes or the most downloaded episodes) so they can listen to your podcast and understand the interviewing style better.

  • Send the guests a Podcast Fun Fact (pic below).

  • Go over the questions before the recording and ask for feedback after the interview – be open to criticism.

  • Ask the guest if they know anyone that they think would love to be interviewed on the podcast.

  • Give the guest speaker the date that their podcast will be published – this is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t slack. It also shows professionalism to the guest.

  • Once episode published send an email to the guest thanking them for being a part of the podcast, the episode artwork, code embed (they can post the show on their podcast), and launch episode on social media pages. Do not forget to tag the guest speaker as well.


- Have a website, it gives you permission to build the website how you want it to and you owe the rights of the website too.

- Add subscription button on the website.

- CTA on the intro of every episode to have the guests subscribe to the podcast wherever they get their podcast juice from.

- Marketing email:

  • Weekly – Every time you launch an episode.

  • Monthly – A full summary of the podcast for the month.

- Social media:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

- Tell everyone about it.

- Join Podcast FB groups and comment on posts:

  • Ex) someone has a question about a podcast, just go ahead and answer it

  • Posts a question you have and you will be surprised how many other podcasters will jump in to help

Need help to launch your podcast or re-strategize your podcast? Contact us at to schedule your call today.


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