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Monthly Break-Even Analysis

We might not have the luxury to save a lot of $$ but you should always have a plan to save for the rainy day...

If you are keeping up with the current news you might be aware that the unemployment rates keep going up everyday, and for that we can thank COVID-19. As much as the government is trying to help with the ONE TIME check, is $1,200 enough (single-filing) and $2,100 (filing married) enough for you? Does that even cover your fixed monthly expenses?

To help you stay on top of your monthly budget during these times, and for later down the road I want to share a Monthly Break-Even Analysis File with you guys. Click here to download the file and stay on top of your money.

If you have just lost your job because of the situation we are living on recalculate your expenses! You might surprise yourself by finding out you are spending unnecessary money, when instead you can save it. Use the Monthly Break-Even Analysis File and share it with your friends as well!

While back I also shared 7 Ways to Control Your Wallet. Listen to the episode HERE and start talking action by staying on top of your money!

As for your future, plan to save between 5%-25% of your paycheck by transferring it to a different account or invest it. The best thing to do is considerations it as it a part of your taxes, and you just can not have it right away... Program your mind to do so and it will eventually work!


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