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Florida SHRM Student Chapter receives Merit Awards!


Congratulations to the Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) Student Chapter Superior Merit Award and a 2018-2019 Merit Award (respectively) by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)! Read on for more about these two amazing chapters located in District 3!

L to R: Shirley Learn (Chapter Advisor), Monica Gallagher (Speaker), Professor Harvey Slentz (Faculty Advisor) & Romina Muhametaj (Student Chapter President)

The FSCJ Student Chapter achieved the SHRM Student Chapter Superior Merit Award for 2018-2019 accomplishments! To achieve this outstanding achievement, the student chapter, led by Student President Romina Muhametaj, participated in several activities to include hosting multiple educational events and volunteering at SHRM Jacksonville events.

This year, on January 31, the student chapter hosted Success Is Not Always A Straight Line from Point A to Point B facilitated Monica Gallagher (October 3 Consulting) with 57 attendees!  Their second event, held on March 26, was entitled HR: Be a Valuable Partner to a Business Owner Growing the Company with speaker Amy McGeorge (Peoplr).

Since its inception, the FSCJ Student Chapter has received this award on an annual. They were recognized at 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition held in June in Las Vegas, Nevada!

L to R: Chris Goddell (Faculty Advisor), Shirley Learn (Chapter Advisor), Amy McGeorge (Speaker) & Romina Muhametaj (Student Chapter President)


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