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Building a Community via Podcasting with Blythe Brumleve and Badr Milligan

For this episode, Romina sites down with the founder of Jax Podcaster's Unite! Group Blythe and Badr. We cover steps to take to launch a podcast, how to build a community and a business via podcasting, and analyze the podcasting world. Listen to the episode or watch the full video on We would also love to give a special thanks to Gary from Studio Podcast Suites for welcoming us on Studio Podcast Suites.

Badr Milligan is a project manager by day and a podcast enthusiast by night. Since 2012, Badr has combined his passion for comic-books & pop culture with his natural fascination with technology to co-create and host the award-winning podcast, “The Short Box.” He has claimed the 904 as home since the age of five after immigrating to Jacksonville from Morocco. Badr graduated with a degree in IT Management and is a veteran of the Florida Air National Guard, using both experiences to currently run his own small business, The Short Box Entertainment company. In 2018, he helped form the “Jax Podcasters Unite!” group, a fast-growing collective of podcasters and broadcasters who meet quarterly to discuss the podcast industry and encourage collaborative solutions. Listen to The Short Box -

Blythe is a former EIC and sports broadcaster turned business owner creating custom web solutions and growth marketing tactics for clients at Brumleve Brands. As a solopreneur based in Jacksonville, Florida, this site highlights the ups and downs of managing a side hustle in hopes it can lead to that elusive work/life balance.


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