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Launch a Business via Podcasting

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⭐Step by step training on how to start a business via podcasting.

⭐Strategize your podcast to build a business.

⭐Aligning podcast and business mission and vision.

⭐Mistakes to avoid while building a business from podcasting. 


What are others saying...

It was so amazing getting to work with Romina! A friend told me she had helped them so I reached out to her to see if she had any advice. When we spoke, I immediately knew she would be able to get me on track and there was so much more than I realized that I needed help with. I hired her to help me launch my podcast in the hopes that I could reach a broader audience and expand my business and client base. Not only was my podcast more successful and professionally done than I had imagined, I was able to gain three new clients after the first episode! I'm so grateful for all her help and absolutely plan on using her expertise in the future.

Rachelle - Consultant, Author and Life Coach

I can not thank Romina enough for her incredible work and dedication to helping my business succeed. Romina is very detail-oriented. She brought such fresh perspectives and presented me to a whole new point of view. I launched a podcast for my business marketing about two years ago. With Romina’s input, not only did I notice an increase in downloads, but also a 19% increase in sales after just 6 months of working with her. Romina successfully helped me strategize adds for my podcast as well as build marketing campaigns around it too.

Linda - Business Owner, CPA and Consultant

Consulting with Romina on a podcast that I helped launch was super helpful because she was able to spot-check existing work, provide guidance, and give feedback that put us in the right direction. As we begin to resume recording and production, her advice has helped up her restarted on the right foot.

Michelle - Content Manager, SM Strategist, Brand Ops, and Producer

Outstanding from host to production, Romina is heads and shoulders ahead of her competition. When I send my clients over to Romina’s podcast; I am confident they’re going to be interviewed by someone who’s a true professional. Her ability as an interviewer allows my clients to shine no matter the topic. When I have a client that’s ready to expand their influence and start a podcast, again Romina is my go-to. Her years of experience with pre & post-production makes her the perfect choice. Her ability to understand my client's needs is another priceless attribute.

I highly recommend Romina with any social or podcast project, she’s an asset to any team.

Andrea - Publicist & Business Strategist

Romina is an award-winning, engaging, and warm-hearted connector of people. Whether on her podcast, managing a complex process or event, or driving a hard bargain, Romina brings people together for success. And she does it in her second language! I recommend Romina for any task or project that requires hard work and talent/resource management.

Dan - Hostage Negotiator, Business Negotiation Consultant and Coach

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