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Take Control & Launch Like NASA

Did you guys know I am a published author???

As some of you might know by now from my podcast, from meeting me in person or working with me I am the person that can take multiple NOs and still close the deal. Well, today I want to talk to you guys about 10-year-old Romina.

While growing up in Albania we had a monthly educational magazine that would be delivered to our school. The magazine is called “Cicërima” meaning “Tweet” in Albanian. Every month the magazine would publish achievements of elementary school, middle school, and high school students over the nation. I loved the magazine as I liked seeing how people thought outside of the box, because, well I was one of them. So, one day I decided to call up the company that published the magazine and asks them to publish my poem.

Well, I called, and the secretary told me that the managers and editors were in a meeting and I could not talk to them, but she could take a message. I did not like that as I like speaking to whoever is in charge so I nicely asked her to talk to whoever is in charge of editing as I have some important news to tell the person in charge and I did not take NO as an answer. In the sales world, you would count this person as the gatekeeper, and I successfully passed the gatekeeper when she transferred me to the editor.

The call got transferred successfully and he picked up the phone. I apologized for interrupting the meeting and very kindly asked him to publish my poem. The editor said he would more than welcome my poem and I could send it via mail and put it to his attention. That did not sound like a deal to me, so I asked him to grab a pen and a paper as I was about to read it to him over the phone. And so, I did.

Here I’ll translate it for you:

“I dream of being a policewoman,

To investigate.

I dream of being a lawyer,

To establish justice.

I dream of being a movie director,

To produce movies.

I dream of being a singer,

To sing.

I dream of being an accountant,

And an actress.

I have a lot of dreams,

But I will accomplish only one of them. “

Okay, so let’s all laugh together at this poem for a moment and the fact that I thought it was the most amazing poem ever. I mean, I was the author and I thought very highly of my work.

So, I read the poem to the editor, he wrote it down and thanked me for the call. After finishing that call I went back to my 10-year-old busy life and did not disclose this call with my family whatsoever.

The next month we get the magazine issue at school and I saw my name there, Romina Muhameti. They spelled my name wrong, and still a little mad about it, but it’s okay. Anyways, not only my poem got published, but the editor also wrote an article about me and I got awarded the “Magical Call”, the first time the magazine gave this award. I felt so awesome because everyone at school read my poem and I just received an award. They all thought my poem was awful, but hey, I just received an award. I DID NOT CARE!

I took the magazine home and my parents laughed this off at first telling me I need to study instead of calling places (this was not the only company I had called, but that's a different story). As the months and years went by my poem ends up being a running joke in family gatherings and every time I laughed it off.

Well, while moving some things around the house I found out that my mom had kept a copy of the magazine all these years, and she said she always loved the poem, even though I was a little too daring for my age.

Why am I telling you guys this story?

Have you ever had an idea, but other people laughed at it or ignored it? You thought that your idea was awesome but other people’s opinions held you back from launching it. Well, I am here to tell you that you should act on it. Think about what the worst-case scenario is and take action. ACT LIKE NASA AND JUST LAUNCH!

Maybe your idea will fail, but it will teach you something new and you can take that knowledge and apply it to a new project. Or maybe your idea will take off and be so amazing that it might change your life.

If you do not act on your dreams, ideas, and thought they will vanish in thin air. You will end up playing the "What If..." games in your mind and you will never know the answer.

If you need a sign, take this as a sign! Get yourself together, create a plan, and take control of your dreams and ideas. Raise your brain baby the right of way and you will see how awesome your baby will flourish.

Today's Romina has the same 10-year-old Romina fire from within and takes actions when ideas come around. When others do not understand it or see your vision, do not talk about it, show it to them with your work. At first, they might laugh but later they will congratulate and would want to learn from you. TAKE ACTION AND LAUNCH YOUR BRAIN BABY! STOP HOLDING BACK!

And, hey, maybe one day you become a published author and win an award on a magazine as I did! 😊

P.S: Bonus points if you can find me in the picture! Good luck!


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