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Timothy Larsen

Director of Sales at Global Publishing Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Romina for a year. She is an extraordinary sales professoinal and consistently ranks among the top tier in her department. Romina is easy to get along with and an absolute pleasure to work with. What I love most about Romina is her ambition and drive. Not only is a Romina a top sales performer, but she consistently volunteers for extra projects and assignments. I would recommend Romina to any company not only looking to upgrade their sales force, but looking to improve their overall talent.

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Harvey Slentz

Owner-Principal at Harvey Slentz, Attorney. Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation

Romina Muhametaj the president of a rapidly growing chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) chartered at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

I am very impressed with her demonstrated ability to blend a rich combination of skills in management, leadership and effective engagement with people. Ms. Muhametaj has managed the exacting requirements of both SHRM and Florida State College in her role as President, both through her own personal effort, and by means of her positive and results-focused leadership. She manages the details of meetings that bring together 60-100 people, and the accession of new members, and the communication with both current and prospective members; all without any staff support.

The other outstanding trait that Ms. Muhametaj demonstrates is that of being able to work effectively with all people she encounters. As President of the FSCJ SHRM Chapter, she routinely engages with students, faculty, college staff, corporate staff and corporate officers of Human Resources. I have been in government and corporate professional and executive leadership, including CEO roles, and have managed thousands of people and hundreds of managers.

Romina Muhametaj very clearly possesses the traits of someone who will perform at the highest levels in any organization that is smart enough to acquire her services.

Harvey Slentz, Esq. Attorney at Law

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Ozzie Cuffie

Customer Experience Manager at ADT Security Services

Romina reported to me when she worked as a Credit Analyst at ADT Security Services. One thing that stands out is her determination and vision. She worked full time while attended college studying Business Management. She received multiple awards for exceeding her performance metrics. She’s eager to learn more. Frequently assisting with projects.


Romina can always be counted on. If she doesn’t have an answer, she will find one for you. It was a pleasure having Romina on our team, and I am looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future.

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Shirley (Johns) Learn

Instructional Program Manager at Florida State College--Jacksonville

Romina has a strong desire to succeed, tackling projects and tasks with fervor and a positive attitude. As the adviser for FSCJ's SHRM Student Chapter, I have had the opportunity to work with Romina on several projects.

Her work ethic and diligence to give back to the college and help other students to benefit from SHRM reflects selflessness, which has earned her respect from her peers and college faculty. Romina strives to do her best and accomplishes it all with a smile and a positive attitude. Any organization would be lucky to have her on the team

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Kwame Christian Esq., M.A.

Director of American Negotiation Institute, Author, Mediator, Keynote Speaker

Romina has a brilliant business mind. I believe this is due to her insatiable desire to learn more about how she can improve her diverse and impressive skillset to improve the human condition. She’s a master of communication, human interaction, sales, and psychology and she uses this expertise to serve her customers, clients, and podcast listeners. I love tuning into her show and talking with her to get more of her outside the box perspective. She would be a valuable addition to any team. I strongly recommended Romina.

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Katherine Knapke

Chief Operating Officer at American Negotiation Institute

I had the pleasure of working with Romina as a guest on her podcast. Not only did Romina make it a fantastic experience, but it was an honor to work with someone that brings so much energy and passion to their work. Romina consistently delivers great content and it shows in her ability to keep expanding her reach. I cannot recommend Romina enough as a true and passionate expert in her work.


Edward Rowan

Licensed Agent New York Life Insurence 

I've known Romina for about two years now and when I first met her, I had a tiny inkling of her drive. The more I got to know her, I realized how incredibly passionate she is for not only what she does, but for those around her. Romina has an entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to building her podcast and I also have been amazed at watching how she builds partnerships with her community. She truly cares about her community and through her tenacity is making a difference not only locally, but globally. Glad to call her my friend!

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Christina Goodell, MAOM, CEBS & SPHR

Professor of Business at Florida State College at Jacksonville

Romina possesses a strong work ethic and “can-do” personality. She has boundless energy as she fulfills the Student Chapter Presidency for FSCJ-SHRM. I appreciate that she is the point of contact for our new and current student members. She attends all meetings and represents us at local Chapter meetings, the Annual Conference, and other activities. It is my pleasure to write this recommendation

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