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Sales Law of Averages: Mastering the Sales Funnel Through Sales and Negotiation Techniques

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This course contains:

✔️+40 videos.

✔️+5 hours of training material.

✔️Lessons on how to track your sales funnel numbers & find the hole in your sales game. 

✔️Smooth transition through leads, decision-makers, pitches, and sales. 

✔️Master the sales funnel and drastically increase your conversion. 

✔️Build a strong and continuous referral system.

✔️Soft and hard negotiation skills with real-life examples. 

✔️And a lot more...

Full Price $499.00

Order Now For $117.00 ($382 OFF)

A sneak peek of the course ...

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What are others saying about this course... 

"The course is a true CRM analysis. It not only it helps you convert your leads to sales and teaches you negotiating and soft skills you can apply in your sales profession but also serves as a business development course. All this knowledge is fundamental for you to increase revenue across all fields and build a strong referral structure. This is a great investment, and I would recommend it to everyone." 

Kwame Christian Esp., MA. -  Director of American Negotiation Institute, Forbes Magazine Contributor, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Expert, and author of “Finding Confidence in Conflict”

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"Romina's online business development course is practical, engaging and very easy to follow.  I love the way Romina breaks down concepts into their basic building blocks and then explains each very clearly--with great examples-- and then explains how to execute the ideas.  I really appreciated her advice and real-life stories on pitching your business and how to strike the right balance between enthusiasm for your client vs. enthusiasm for your own successful sales.  She gives great examples of what to do, and maybe more importantly, what NOT to do.  I recommend this course for entrepreneurs and sales professionals."

Stephani J. Miller – Founder & CEO of Zero Waste in DC, Author of "Zero Waste Living, the 80/20 Way: The Busy Person's Guide to a Lighter Footprint"

"The course is everything that a sales course should be: Dynamic, interesting, fresh, and providing a compelling new view on sales. The discussion was concrete and presented specific things that can make a difference.  By the end, I had learned a few new things that I look forward to putting into practice right away."

John S. Farhat - CEO of FSCIX, Founder of Loquantur, Inc., Board Advisory at University of Findlay, and Chief Technology Officer at Symbol Single

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“As a podcaster & educator, Romina offers many insights to overcome challenges. She has personal used her experience to grow her business and exposure to help many people. If you listen to her, you will be enlightened with her attitude, energy, and enthusiasm to help people achieve their greatness. The information and knowledge Romina offer will definitely help you grow your business.”

Bob Brumm – President of The Positive Perspective, Producer and Host of  Encouragement Engineer Podcast, and Sr. System Programmer at Tampa Electric 

This course is NOT for you if:

🛑 You are not willing to invest time and effort.

🛑 You are not willing to follow the course instructions and practice. 

"Gardens are not made by singing "Oh, how beautiful," and sitting in the shade." - Rudyard Kipling

Meet Your Instructor 


Romina Muhametaj 

Founder & CEO - Six 7 Radius LLC

Producer & Host - RM Podcast FL

President - FSCJ- SHRM Student Chapter 

Six 7 Radius LLC., is a consulting firm that helps companies grow by building one of a kind marketing strategies & sales techniques. With the right guidance, the company can succeed no matter the external environmental factors. Romina helps her clients by overseeing their PR presence making sure the company’s culture is well represented, teaching negotiation skills to increase sales and revenue, as well as building long-term successful processes for the company. She comes from a sales and marketing background where she worked on B2C and B2B campaigns as a marketing project manager and sales leader.

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