Why did I start podcasting???

I wanted to learn more and know what it takes to the next level. Everything started as a small idea 💡 and now it’s a huge project! Never did I think 💭 this it would turn into an international 🌎 podcast, but that’s the beauty of taking action!

When you do not know what to do next and how to improve your career you ask questions . That is what I did!

Thank you everyone for taking their time and being on my podcast. I have seen huge improvement on myself and my audience. The highlights of my podcast are the comments I get from the audience. They continuously share how their lives have improved!

I say all the time learned at least one new thing per episode. One step at the time because small safe steps get you to the top of the mountain!

Here is a short clip of my speech on Podfest 2020 hosted in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, it is true! I was suffering from anxiety and taking medication daily because of work stress. It’s been months now that I do not because of what I learned from my guests!

Let’s share with others the power of podcasting and how podcasting cures anxiety and improves careers!

Email me today at rmpodcastfl@gmail.com and share your story. WHY DID YOU START PODCASTING?