What Can The Business World Learn From Improv - Peter Margaritis


Improv and Business

- Improv story

- Using improv in business

- Building impulse and being present

Accidental Accountant

- How did Peter end up being the Accidental Accountant?

- When to use professional terms and when not to do so?

- How to simplify presentations in an understandable language without losing the credibility of your profession?

- Matching your presentation to your audience.

- Research steps and preparations for public speaking.

- Data and Storytelling

- How much data is too much data?

- Virtual and in-person speaking.

- Speaking the language of your target listener.

- Removing the “can” presentation.

Peter Margaritis, CSP, CPA, also known as the Accidental Accountant, is the author of “Improv Is No Joke: Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and Life” and “Taking the Numb Out of Numbers: Explaining and Presenting Financial Information with Confidence and Clarity

During his time as a corporate CPA, Peter took improv classes and performed stand-up comedy. Communicating directly with audiences was life-changing, and Peter discovered his true passion: Teaching what he knew rather than being a practicing CPA. That led him to university faculty positions where Peter combined his accounting skills with his improv performance skills. He realized his students not only learned more when they were entertained and engaged, but they also retained that knowledge and could apply it in new situations. It was an epiphany. Through his keynote presentations and customized workshops, Peter shows how the tools used in improv – like listening, flexibility, and trust – can change how a team interacts with each other and their clients. Bottom line, Peter can help your team learn new methods to improve their communication and build stronger relationships with your clients, customers, stakeholders, and associates.

To learn more about Peter visit https://petermargaritis.com/ or connect with Peter on LinkedIn HERE. Read Peter’s Blog HERE.

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