Saving Lives Through the Power of Storytelling with Michelle Auerbach

Episode highlights

Storytelling 101

- Story-telling outline.

- Writing styles.

- Storyline structure in books and movies.

- Building impulse via storytelling.

- Important questions to ask someone to become a fabulous storyteller (job interview, clients, friends, interviews, etc.)

- How to trigger readers' attention?

- Using “trouble moments” to build great highlights.

Personal growth via storytelling

- Vulnerability in sharing stories and impacts we can make on others.

- Helping others via exit ramp story strategy.

- Neurological science behind journaling and why does it help us.

- Storytelling is a body activity, not a mental activity.

- Overcoming trauma via sharing your story.

Business growth via storytelling

- Business history structure layout.

- Marketing and sales importance.

- Creating phycological safety via storytelling increases creativity and motivation.

- How much to say and how much to skip while telling a story?

- Business elements of the storyline: data, information, concrete facts.

- Start meetings by letting others share first.

- Overcoming bad PR moments via story sharing and taking ownership of the mistakes.

Michelle Auerbach solves problems and creates change through stories across diverse contexts. She works with businesses on change management, leadership, and creativity through the story. She works with communities on creating social good, connection, and working across differences through the story. She coaches and teaches individuals through workshops, training, and one-on-one explorations. She writes for the New York Times, The London Guardian, and is the author of three books: Resilience: the Life Saving Skill of Story, Alice Modern, and The Third Kind of Horse.

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