LIVE STREAM - Real Estate World During Corona Virus With Ryan Narus

Learn how the Real Estate World is getting affected by Corona Virus, dos and don'ts, and what is to be expected!

How can a business owner maneuver and not let today's economy beat the business, but instead build from it?

Often we are not prepared for hard times!!! On the last podcast interview on RM Podcast FL Ryan Narus shared with us tips on saving money as well.

Listen to Ryan's previous episode - Click Here

Have you saved money for these times? If yes, is this a good time to invest it or should you hold on to it?

Ryan Narus is a self made real estate entrepreneur who owns and operates 10 Mobile Home Parks spanning ~1,400 units. He is the host of Mobile Home Parks in Real Life Podcast , the owner of The Archimedes Group, and the author of Car Deal Hacks .