LIVE STREAM - Essentials of Meditation and Relaxation With Andrea Warren

About the speaker:Andrea Raimondo Warren, AIA, CHWC, CABC is an expert aromatherapist with almost two decades of personal and professional experience. In addition to her BS in Natural Health Sciences, she is certified through the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy as well as holding certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching, and Animal Behavior.Health, wellness and peak performance can be massively improved by using essential oils the right way. The correct formulas coupled with powerful holistic tools and strategies will greatly reduce stress and anxiety and help you live your best possible life. Andrea has made her life about learning the facts, gaining the experience and practicing the secrets of essential oils for over 15 years. She’s an Alternative Health Researcher and Educator, Aromatherapists, Best Selling Author and Master Formulator and she’s going to make transforming your life with essential oils easy and powerful!


- How do essential oils bring relaxation? What is the process behind it?

- Steps on reducing stress with essential oils and meditation?

- How can we select our essential oils for the chemical reactions they cause instead of their smell?

- Meditation 101: Where do we start?

- For someone having their thoughts run at 200 mph, how can they calm themselves, or can they even do so?

- Relations of meditation and anxiety.

- Keeping anxiety in check during a moment that everyone is overwhelmed because of today's situation.

- Improving your immune system with meditation.

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