Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis with George Hofmann

Episode Highlights


  • Meditation 101.

  • Misconception of meditation.

  • Aligning your energy and emotions in your body.

  • Challenges of relaxing busy minds.


  • Anxiety in time of crisis.

  • Through conversations you need to have when experiencing anxiety.

  • How not to experience anxiety loneliness alone.

  • Opening up will help others to speak up.

Anxiety and Business:

  • Anxiety in executive leaderships.

  • Earning your team’s respect from being courageous through hard conversations.

  • Learning to be vulnerable but not a victim.

  • Continuous productivity by using a coping mechanism.

  • Managing our controllable and letting go of uncontrollable.

Anxiety and Kids:

  • What can parents do.

  • Continuous education important to help the young generation.

  • Demonstrating your kids you are in their team and make them feel understood.

  • Be a good ear, you don’t always have to have answers.

  • Unplugging electronics for relaxing mindfulness moments.

Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health:

  • Biggest misconceptions.

  • I am vs. I have.

  • Managing and enjoying life through mental health challenges.

  • Opening hard conversations and welcoming challenging topics with a positive attitude.

  • Importance of listening and best practice methods to show support.

  • Listen to understand not to reply.

  • Unique ways people experience challenges.

  • Lockdowns and mental health lock.

  • Leveraging technology to spread awareness and spread awareness.

After a series of hospitalizations and a lot of bad behavior, George Hofmann managed to overcome the worst of bipolar disorder by adding practices in focused attention to the usual therapies of medicine and talk. He works to show others with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder how to do the same.

George has conducted workshops on meditation, movement and meaningful work for individuals, families, support groups, churches, healthcare professionals and corporations. He is the author of the book Resilience: Handling Anxiety in a Time of Crisis. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife, their daughter and two poorly behaved dogs.

To learn more about George visit https://practicingmentalillness.com/ or connect with him on LinkedIn HERE.

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