CEO Mastermind Breakthroughs with Ric Franzi

Episode Highlights

CEO Masterminds

- From corporate fortune 100 companies to running CEO masterminds

- Crossing industries for sharing best business practices

- Break-through thinking strategies

- The real power of collaboration

- Ethical collaboration approaches

- Factors to consider before a collaboration

- Trust and business

- Handling difficult business conflict with gratitude and diplomacy

Growing Business via Broadcasting

- Leveraging Radio and podcasting to grow exposure

- Broadcasting and connecting with others

- Mastermind education via interviewing

- Perpetration steps of an interview

The Reality of Entrepreneurship Life

- Loneliness in entrepreneurship

- Necessary re-adjustments when transferring from corporate to a business owner

- Pushing even when you are running out of fuel

- Ways to keep innovating while working as a consultant

- Growing through masterminds and accountability support

Ric Franzi is one of the nation’s foremost experts on CEO Peer Groups®. His work has been featured in national media such as, CNBC, American Express Open Forum, and the local publications Orange County Register and Orange County Business Journal. He is the author of the landmark book Critical Mass The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups, the first ever book written about the value of CEO Peer Groups® . His second book, The Power of CEO Guiding Principles, is now in its third release. The book features over 100 CEOs sharing insights into their guiding principles.

Fr over 12 years now Ric also hosts Critical Mass Radio Show and Podcast. The talk radio show focuses on delivering interviews to help CEOs and business owners who are running middle market firms learn from our executives how they are leading their firms. Ric is also a business parent with Renaissance Executive Forums.

To learn more about Ric visit or connect with him on LinkedIn

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