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Attending College While Working Full-Time with Romina Muhametaj

10 Tips on how to balance your new reality

1️⃣Have a clear vision

2️⃣ It gets lonely sometimes but know it's temporary.

3️⃣ Recycle your friendship circle.

4️⃣ Master time-management ( it is a learning process).

5️⃣ Schedule dates with yourself.

6️⃣ Create your own rewards program.

7️⃣ Let your employer and professor know you are working and attending

school at the same time.

8️⃣ Slow down if you need to - it is okay.

9️⃣ Re-evaluate celebrations - SCREW FOMO!

🔟 Have Faith.

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Kaleb S
Kaleb S
Oct 04, 2021

Loveely blog you have here

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