Applying New Leadership Norm While Growing Personal Brilliance with Jim Canterucci

Episode Highlights

  • Leading organizational change and transition efficiently.

  • Major external factors that push organizations to change and transformation.

  • When to cut corners and not do so during strategic planning?

  • Managing time and recourse for strategic planning.

  • Detecting problems early so the organization does not fail during change.

The new leadership norm 90/10 -> 60/40 equations:

  • Crossing boundaries properly between departments.

  • Growing leaders overcrossing departments.

  • Trumping profits by intertwining departments.

  • Crossing operations to find new leaders within the company and grow in house training.

  • Why you should start explaining to every employee the importance of their daily tasks to the big organization operations.

  • Take the blinders from the employees.

  • Reducing metrics of the sales department and focusing on 3-4 main ones.

  • Re-train agents do not write them up.

  • Analyzing the best performers' habits to grow.

Personal Brilliance:


  • Steps on growing awareness.

  • Knowing the A, B, Cs of a phenomena/trend.

  • Recognizing emotions.

  • Deleting outside distractions.


  • Expanding curiosity.

  • Ways to ask curious questions and build credibility.

  • High curiosity expands knowledge.

  • Growing critical thinking via curiosity.


  • Exercises you can do to increase focus.

  • Recalibrating focus.


  • Courage to take the first step.

  • Getting up after being knocked down.

Jim Canterucci is an executive advisor, author, and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Transition Management Advisors. Transition Management Advisors develop leadership capabilities to create a championship culture, generate innovation, and successfully lead the resulting changes.

Personal Brilliance, Jim’s book, is a #1 Amazon Self-Help Bestseller. Personal Brilliance helps you maximize your Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative. These four traits we all possess can be the catalysts for achieving your best. The secret is in consistently applying these “habits of mind.”

To learn more about Jim visit or connect with him in LinkedIn .

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